Ya’ll know what he did: Five Guesses of What Martin’sTommy Strawn’s Job Actually Was.

Kendall Rivers
4 min readFeb 6, 2024
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Everyone who watched Martin, whether it was back when it originally aired on FOX from 1992–1997 or through many years of reruns or DVD, asked the same question that all the characters on the show did: What the hell did Tommy do for a living?

Tommy Strawn, played by the late great Thomas Mikal Ford, was one of Martin Payne’s closest buddies and yet his life was a complete mystery to everyone who knew him. Everyone has their theories on what Tommy did for a living including the insane idea that he was a drug dealer (really?) and to this day we still don’t know. Here are my five best guesses on what Tommy’s job could’ve possibly been.

But before we get to that, let’s rundown the hints throughout the show that gave us some clues:

  • He couldn’t be seen on Tv.
  • He at one time worked at a big white building before moving to the big black building across the street.
  • Had a clear business card.
  • Carried around a blow torch.
  • Had connections with Africa and other countries.

With all of that there’s definitely some interesting possibilities of Tommy’s job that I’m gonna list here.

5. An Angel Sent From God.

Ever seen Touched By An Angel? With Tommy’s pacificist views, voice of reason role in the group and strong religious values it’s possible he was an Angel sent down by God to lead Martin and friends down the right path. It also might explain why no matter what Martin and Co do they can never find a real clue of what he does.



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