Top 60 Greatest Television Theme Songs\Opening Credits of All Time.

Kendall Rivers
2 min readNov 12, 2023
Jack Lord’s iconic shot in the opening credits of Hawaii Five-O-Image Source: YouTube

It seems that opening credits and theme songs are a lost art in today’s title card and generic tune era of television. Networks seem to care more about getting in more commercials than taking the time to develop memorable and creative opening sequences and killer theme songs to go with them. There are so many truly amazing ones done that it was nearly impossible to choose just 60 of them, but I had to challenge myself. These top 60 gave us some of the most creative and impressive opening credits with theme songs so memorable that we sometimes remember them more instantly than we do the actual show.

60. Hogan’s Heroes.

59. Saved By The Bell.

58. Walker, Texas Ranger.

57. 227.

56. Who’s The Boss?

55. Growing Pains.



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