Top 10 Classiest (and Sassiest) Black Female Characters In Television History.

Kendall Rivers
5 min readSep 9, 2023
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Ever since a certain celebrity claimed that a certain beloved and iconic black female character from an iconic sitcom was “uppity” it made me think about all the amazingly sophisticated, educated, beautiful and classy sistahs that television has given us that were able to be all of that and still as feisty and sassy in the most charming and entertaining of ways without being like all those ratchet reality show stars that have been polluting the airwaves for over the last few decades. Another thing all these women had in common? None of them were “uppity”.

10. Gina Waters & Pamela James. Martin.

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Gina and Pam were full of both class and sass. These two ladies knew how to be professional in the workplace and in social gatherings, but also knew when to get street with it when necessary. Nothing sexier to a guy than beautiful women who won’t hesitate to have their back whether emotionally or in a literal fight.

9. Donna Harris. Sanford & Son.

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Donna was Fred’s Sanford main squeeze and was quite the contrast from the blue collar and average Joe Fred with her more elegant and demure demeanor. Donna was a nurse and had a smile and grace that could cure any ailments. But don’t let her get angry because then all the smiles and manners go away and her fury will be unleashed.



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