Top 10 Best Sitcom Wacky Neighbors of All Time.

Kendall Rivers
7 min readNov 3, 2023
Gladys Kravitz from Bewitched- Image Source: Down South House & Home

One of sitcom’s biggest tropes is the wacky, intrusive neighbor that drove the protagonists crazy and made us laugh with their kooky antics. This is a sitcom trope that always seems to work no matter how done to death it is because we have all had neighbors like this at some point in our lives. Most of them annoyed their neighbors by either barging in at inoppurtune times or coming up with kooky schemes\plans that always failed, while others were affable kooks who delighted their neighbors and the viewers with their odd charm. All of them were for sure quirky, kooky and definitely a bit wacky. Here are my top ten best sitcom wacky neighbors.

10. Howard Borden. The Bob Newhart Show.

Image Source: NBC News

Bill Daly of I Dream of Jeanie fame went on to play the Hartley’s affable but kooky and child like neighbor Howard Borden. Howard was the child that Bob and Emily never had. Daly and Newhart had a special type of chemistry, playing off each other effortlessly. Howard may have been something else, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to have a neighbor as entertaining and likable as him.

9. Kel Kimble. Kenan & Kel.

Image Source: Mashable

Who loved orange soda? That’s right. Kel loved orange soda. Is it true? Mhmmm. He did, he did, he di-iiid! Kel Kimble was cut from the same cloth as Dennis the Menace and Steve Urkel when it came to causing unintentional chaos and mayhem everywhere he went, especially at his neighbors’ home, but Kel in some ways was even more destructive and even more of a intrusive freeloader then either one of those pests. Despite this, he was a fun loving teen with a heart of gold and an addiction to orange soda. What’s not to love?



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