The Sequel: Ten More Greatest Movie Trailers.

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Part two of what I find to be the all time greatest movie trailers. Ten more classic trailers that got you in the mood to watch these kickass films and still has that power to get you ready today.

10. Jurassic Park. 1993.

Capturing all the wonder, excitement, and fear that the film would have, this trailer lets you know what an adventure you were being invited to.

9. The Rock. 1996.

Jam packed with action, humor and a killer score, this trailer was as bombastic and exciting as the film itself.

8. Crimson Tide.

Intense, exciting, and filled with raw power, the Crimson Tide trailer captured the magic of this classic film without missing a beat. Denzel, Gene Hackman and Tony Scott coming together was a huge feat and boy did it pay off.

7. Dr. No 1967.

The iconic first entry of the legendary Bond franchise is a doozy, and this trailer gave us all the epic Bond feels of what would become a universal icon. Sean Connery will always be the first and best James Bond to a lot of us.

6. Rush Hour 2. 2001.

A lot of expectations were put on this sequel due to the massive success of the first Rush Hour and this film did not disappoint. The trailer is lots of fun and pure excitement, letting the audience know already that this was gonna be a great sequel that did in fact, manage to outshine the first one.

5. Speed. 1994.

Speed was film with non stop action and adrenaline and the trailer perfectly illustrated that same energy. The film also gave us an all star cast in Keanu Reeves, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Joe Morton and Jeff Daniels.

4. The Untouchables. 1987.

The cool and slick nature of this trailer gave audiences a great preview of what this classic film was all about. That legendary cast of Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, Andy Garcia, Patricia Clarkson, and Robert De Niro were nicely represented in this trailer.

3. In The Heat of The Night. 1967.

This legendary 1967 classic film was groundbreaking when it came out and the trailer itself is groundbreaking and full of energy and excitement. Giving us great moments between the characters, an amazing score, and the mystery at large, it’s a real treat.

2. Malcolm X. 1992.

This trailer is as immortal as Malcolm X himself. With a great voiceover by the iconic Ossie Davis, killer pieces of music used throughout, and clips of Denzel’s electrifying performance as Malcolm X, makes this a real winner.

Side note: Malcolm X is one of the greatest films ever made and up there with both Denzel and Spike Lee’s best work. Not to take away from Al Pacino, but Denzel was freaking robbed of the Oscar that year!

  1. Goldeneye. 1995.

Quick to the point, carefully constructed as to not reveal any key pieces of the plot, and just bloody entertaining as all get out makes this Pierce Brosnan 007’s first outing a roaring fun watch. A lot of pressure was put on everyone involved in the film to revive the dormant franchise, this trailer must’ve put everybody, including die hard Bond fans, at ease.

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