The Equalizer Blood & Wine: A Review of a Perfect Equalizer Tv Movie.

Kendall Rivers
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I know what you’re thinking: Was there really an Original Equalizer movie? Yes, there was, only it wasn’t on the big screen like the two Denzel films, this one was in the form of a two part episode that plays like one big, exciting movie. Written by the incomparable Coleman Luck and boasting an amazing cast with Edward Woodward, Telly Savalas, William Atherton, Keith Szarabajka, Tom Atkins and Robert Lansing, this was The Equalizer on a much larger scale.

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McCall (Edward Woodward) hunts down a killer for hire, with a fetish for the sacrilegious, named Alpha (William Atherton) As the plot of the movie continues we are introduced to Brother Joseph Heiden (played by action movie legend Telly Savalas) who was once a former freelance terrorist and one time adversary of McCall’s. He teams up with McCall and the authorities to hunt this mad dog down.

The Cast:

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What an amazing troupe of actors these episodes put together with Edward Woodward, Telly Savalas, William Atherton, Tom Atkins and Keith Szarabajka all pulling off amazing performances with supreme skill and talent. The acting in these episodes were nothing less than stellar and helped made them such powerful two hours of television.

The Story:

The serial killer plot has been used a billion times throughout television and film, but The Equalizer managed to give this specific story a fresh and exciting take with a very unique type of serial killer and a very unique way of executing the plot throughout the two hours. Up to this point McCall hasn’t met a challenge quite like this which makes these episodes very compelling to watch.

The Action:

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