Momolu’s Redemption: The story of how Ex Inmate\Entrepreneur Momolu S.K. Stewart was set free by Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project.

Kim Kardashian West and Momolu Stewart.

You may have heard of Momolu S.K. Stewart. The man known for serving two decades in prison for a murder conviction at the age of sixteen and then getting released with the help of Kim Kardashian West … Yes, that Kim Kardashian-West, who sought justice for Stewart after he wrote a touching letter to her seeking her help. When Kardashian-West traveled to D.C. to tour prisons she reached out to Momolu and and had a one on one sit down with him where Momolu gave her his whole story. This conversation made its way to Kardashian West’s Oxygen Documentary series “Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project. Since his release in 2019 Momolu has decided to seek redemption for his dark past by mentoring teens from his hometown Washington, DC.

Now, Momolu is collaborating with Charlotte’s own young hot shot director on the rise Shahid Cherry. Shahid reached out to Bert Hesse, a multi millionaire CEO of the studio management company Studio South to help find investors. For the past two decades that Hesse has been in the film industry he’s become best known for doing films in Charlotte, North Carolina and developed the flagship one hundred million dollar Studio Charlotte. He was also one of the original founders of the state’s leading tourist attraction The U.S. National Whitewater Center. Hesse is a prominent mentor for Shahid Cherry and proposed for him to raise a ten million dollar budget.

This all started when Shahid met Momolu by pure chance in the heavy rain on the DC streets after an interview with IMG (Interface Media Group) and soaking wet, who should drive up at that moment then Momolu himself. The two got to talking and Shahid asked Momolu if anyone had told his story on film yet. Momolu asked “Are you the man for the job?” and Shahid responded simply “No doubt.”

Production for the film is currently looking for any investors who have an interest in helping with more funding for the film as well as actors, extras, and any help with location and overall production.

Momolu’s story of growth and redemption is most definitely ripe for the screen and this talented and determined group of genuine artists are the perfect people to tell that story. So be on the look out for this film because its very much a story that the community needs to have told and that the rest of the world needs to see.



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