Michael Westen & Fiona Glenanne: A lethal and sexy romance for the ages.

Michael Westen and Fiona Glenanne… oh boy, what could be said about this totally complex, amazing power couple? For starters they weren’t your every day, garden variety kinda couple…

Michael Westen used to be a spy with the greatest improvisation skills and resourceful ingenuity the world had ever seen while Fiona Glenanne was his trigger happy ex girlfriend (then girlfriend again) with a past of blowing up banks for the IRA back in Ireland. Let’s start at the beginning: When they met Michael was undercover as Michael McBride and Fi was his asset who didn’t even know his real name when she fell in love with him.

But years later when Michael ended up in Miami the two reunited and became a perfect team on various jobs. They were the yin to each other’s yang, or as Michael once put it: “My brain with your brawn.”

Mike and Fi certainly weren’t some boring fairy tale. These two were action packed badasses who also happened to be madly in love with each other, though it took them years to get their act together and become a couple once again. What was so great about their relationship is that you had two alphas in a power couple where each one provides something important for the other: Michael was often the voice of reason to compliment Fi’s super emotional or an even better word, highly explosive personality before she shot everybody or blew something up a little too hastily, while Fi could ironically be the moral compass that could bring Michael back from the darkest of places. Leading up to the series finale of Burn Notice Michael had lost his way and almost couldn’t be recovered but at the last moment it was Fiona who brought him back from the depths he sunk into. They were everything to each other: Dependable field partners, friendly exes, best friends, star crossed (and highly passionate) lovers and a whole bunch of other things, but the single most fun thing about their relationship is that the two always gave us a heck of a fun time watching them have each other’s backs when guns are involved. Violence, gun play and mayhem weren’t just foreplay for Fi, but a huge part of the world Mike and Fi lived in, so in essence they were a huge part of their relationship.

There was no line they wouldn’t cross for the other, nobody they wouldn’t kill, no risk they weren’t willing to take for the other. Which is why we Burn Notice fans knew that when the writers gave Fiona two boyfriends on the show: Campbell and in the final season Carlos, that they were nothing but placeholders for Michael. With Campbell in season 2, a nice, regular guy was just Fi’s way of trying to go the opposite of Michael who could never officially settle down because of his desperate need to get back into the Spy action. There was never any real threat before Carlos, however. Carlos had everything Michael had with Fiona: Danger, action, hot passion etc. and yet Fiona still loved Michael and ultimately couldn’t make her relationship with Carlos work. Michael himself tried to move on with a little dangerous lady named Sonya, who was a big part of dragging Michael to the dark side, and like I said earlier almost didn’t come out of it until Fiona stepped in. We were led to believe that Michael was officially gone, but when Sonya is just about to kill Fiona, a light switch flips on in Michael’s head and he takes her out in a hot second. At the end of the day, as Michael’s mom once said: “They love each other and they hate each other… But it’s always each other.”

I can’t think of too many tv couples that displayed more passion and devotion to one another while still being just so entertaining to watch together while still having such depth and richness in their relationship than these two. Mike and Fi were a comedy duo as well as a sometimes dramatic love story and everything else in between. But the only thing that really matters is that they love each other, they just love each other passionately and wholeheartedly. I’m not the type of guy that gets super invested in love stories all the time, but Mike and Fi captured this author’s heart. Plus, what dude wouldn’t want a chick like Fiona? Gorgeous, sexy, hot headed, handy with a any type of gun and a block of C4? That Michael is one lucky dude.



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Kendall Rivers

Kendall Rivers


Kendall is a screenwriter who’s a huge fan of classic tv and movies. He enjoys creating good stories and characters. https://www.facebook.com/kendall.rivers.3