Grading All 7 Iconic Cosby Show Openings.

Kendall Rivers
4 min readSep 1
Bill Cosby at the top of the season 2 title sequence- Image Source: YouTube

We all know and love those 7 iconic openings of The Cosby Show by heart, but how do we rank ’em? Well, I’m gonna grade each of the openings in my own personal ranking order. Try not to get too caught up in them and rewind them for hours like I always do!

7. Season 1’s Baseball In The Park with The Huxtables rendition.

The very first opening was cute, although a bit on the generic 80's sitcom opening side. Nevertheless, the cool little editing effects and Huxtables’ fun day at the park was enjoyable enough and as the first version of the iconic Cosby theme it has a special place in many a fan’s heart. Grade: B-.

6. Season 8’s Hip Hop\Jazz\Funk Jam rendition.

By the 1991–1992 season hip hop had become a huge part of pop culture and The Cosby Show adapted to the times with their own unique blend of hip hop, funk and jazz with the season 8 opening. While this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it still had some merit with a killer jazz\hip hop\funk vibe to it that’s impossible not to boogey down too as well as cool dance moves by the cast and some nice graffiti art displayed. Grade: B+

5. Season 4’s Bobby McFerrin rendition.

Perhaps the most elegant and simple variation with the cast dressed their very best in their finest duds and a wonderful performance from the legendary Bobby McFerrin, who by the way didn’t use any instruments when performing this. That fact, as well as it just being plain catchy, gives this one its spot. Grade: A-.

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