“Go ahead, make my day.” Top 30 Most Iconic Movie Lines.

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Clint Eastwood in Sudden Impact

We all know the lines. The ones that everybody knows from all these iconic, classic movies that even if you weren’t born when they came out, the quotes that came from them has been passed down from generation after generation. We all have our favorites, and we all know the ones that have most made their way through pop culture and every day language. These are just 30 of the most popular, beloved and oft quoted lines from some of the most iconic films of all time.

30. “Now that’s how you supposed to drive! For now on that’s how you drive!” Bad Boys.

This iconic line that Mike Lowery screams at his partner Marcus Burnett from 1995’s Bad Boys is so great that it was reused and modified in Bad Boys 2.

29. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Jaws.

The world’s first ever movie blockbuster had quite a few memorable lines that are still oft quoted to this very day. One in particular became pretty popular and that’s the line said by Sheriff Brody after seeing the mighty beast of a Shark for the first time.

28. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Spiderman.

This iconic phrase by Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben was originally used in the comics but became popular in pop culture once it was uttered in the 2002 Sam Raimi Spiderman film. These are truly words to live by whether you’re a web slinging superhero or not.

27. “There’s a new sheriff in town. And his name is Reggie Hammond.”

The redneck bar scene in 48 Hrs is not only one of the greatest scenes in cinema history but is also responsible for launching Eddie Murphy to super star status. The 1982 audience was in awe of seeing a black man be so defiant to a bunch of ignorant rednecks without getting killed, but even more impressive was just how well Murphy could command a scene in his very first movie.

26.“What’s in the box!?” Se7en.

The classic thriller Se7en is one of the all time greats in its genre but its most memorable and iconic moment is Brad Pitt’s character faces the bad guy and asks him “What’s in the box!?” in that very unique delivery. What he found in it though was quite horrifying.

25.“Bye Felicia.” Friday.

This incredibly simple and straight forward line was NEVER supposed to take on the life it took on but somehow Craig dismissing Felicia has become super popular in this day and age, even getting a popular hashtag on twitter.

24. “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!?” Rush Hour.

Everyone remembers this line and Chris Tucker’s amazingly high pitched voice delivery. One of the most quoted lines as well as one of the funniest of the entire film.

23.“Why so serious?” The Dark Knight.

Most folks will tell you that Heath Ledger stole The Dark Knight with his compelling and mesmerizing performance as The Joker. Of course the film was riddled with amazing performances from a remarkable cast across the board, but it wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Ledger definitely hit the right notes the loudest and his signature line became a catchphrase for the year and still pretty much today.

22. “Wakanda Forever!” Black Panther\Infinity War.

This particular iconic phrase has been pretty popular the last few years ever since the movie came out. This along with the T’Challa\Shuri special arm gesture has become a current phenomenon for the Black community and even many outside of the African American race have found themselves chanting the line or doing the gesture with loved ones.

21. “Come with me if you want to live.” The Terminator and The Terminator 2.

This classic phrase has been made iconic by both films in the franchise. Used by both Kyle Reese in the first film and T2 in the second.This has become a signature heroic line in cinema history.

20. ““KHANNNN!” Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan.

Everyone whose seen Wrath of Khan remembers the scene where after seemingly being defeated by Khan, Captain Kirk screams his name loud enough to actually be heard from space. The director Nicholas Meyer made Shatner do it 30 times so he’d get angry enough to do it perfectly.

19.“DAAAAMN!” Friday.

The perfect reaction to a crazy situation. Craig and Smokey turned saying the word damn into an artform. And also into a popular gif.

18. “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!” The Godfather Part 3.

The third installment of The Godfather franchise is the least successful financially and certainly the least respected by fans and critics, but this iconic line and scene helps give the film something memorable and iconic to boast about.

17. “Hasta La Vista, baby.” The Terminator 2.

This classic line has definitely taken a life of its own and has been parodied by many other movies and tv shows. Truly one of the greatest action hero victory lines ever!

16. “You got knocked the F** out!” Friday.

Truly hilarious and perfectly delivered by Chris Tucker, this phrase has become the go to reaction to when you catch someone getting their butt beat and knocked out on the ground.

15. “Yippee Kai Yay, MotherF&*!#@!” Die Hard.

John McClane’s signature catchphrase is perhaps the most badass and iconic hero catchphrase of all time. Even though it only made sense in context the first movie it was good enough to be used for the rest of the movies.

14.“I’ll be Back.” The Terminator.

A truly iconic one liner and Arnold’s accent made it even more iconic. You’ve probably heard this line parodied, accent and all in every movie and tv show you’ve ever seen after 1984.

13. “Hereeeeee’s Johnny!” The Shining.

The shining is a classic horror film and the iconic line said by the immortal Jack Nicholson was actually improvised. He never could’ve foreseen how iconic this one joke would become.

12. “Bond… James Bond.” Dr. No.

Dr. No gave us one of the greatest introductions of a main character in film history. The slow burn was well done but it’s when James Bond introduces himself to Ms. Sylvia Trench and utters those three iconic little words that movie history is made. other movies and tv shows would endlessly parody and of course every Bond film after it has used it, but, none ever topped this one.

11. “I’ll get you, my pretty- and your little dog too.” The Wizard of Oz.

The Wicked Witch of The West goes down as one of the most iconic movie villains ever and her signature line proves just how scary and how menacing she was.

10. “I’m too old for this Sh** ” Lethal Weapon.

Every action movie after Lethal Weapon tried their own version of this iconic line but nothing tops the original and unique way Danny Glover used it. It was also popular enough to be used in all three sequels.

9. “You can’t handle the truth!” A Few Good Men.

There are comics that made a whole routine based off of imitating Jack Nicholson saying this iconic line. The line’s power not only comes from Nicholson’s awesome delivery but also how real a statement it is because Colonel Jessup is right about one thing: We like to think we can handle it but the truth is sometimes too much for our fragile egos to take.

8. “There’s no place like home.” The Wizard of Oz.

A classic goodbye scene from the movie. I find myself quietly chanting “There’s no place like home” from time to time when I’m at work or stuck somewhere I don’t wanna be.

7. “You talkin’ to me?” Taxi Driver.

One of the most beloved lines and scene in cinema history as well as one of the best remembered and iconic DeNiro roles and movies. This iconic line has had millions of people do this at the mirror and it has been parodied to death by every comedian, sketch comedy etc. And believe it or not it was all improvised by DeNiro himself. What an actor.

6. “You have to ask yourself. Do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk?” Dirty Harry.

If you haven’t ever in your life imitated this iconic phrase with the Eastwood voice and facial expressions you haven’t lived. One of the most quoted and iconic scene\lines in cinema history. It’s also just plain badass and cool.

5.“This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Casablanca.

This line perfectly sums it one of the greatest Hollywood endings ever. It has been parodied to death but never was it done better than in this film by one of the most iconic actors in history: Humphrey Bogart.

4. “Say hello to my little friend!” Scarface.

Everyone knows and loves this one. It is placed perfectly in one of the most violent scenes in movie history. Pacino’s Scarface accent is what really makes it so iconic.

3. “Go ahead, make my day.” Sudden Impact.

So awesome and cool that even the President used it at a big speech. Harry Callahan is the beneficiary of two of the most quoted and beloved movie lines ever. That Clint Eastwood sure does know how to make his mark, don’t he?

2. “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The Godfather.

The Godfather franchise has made more iconic phrases than almost every other film ever made, but one in particular that I think tops them all and is quoted the most is Marlon Brando’s classic line here.

1. “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a damn.” Gone With The Wind.

I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t seen this classic film yet, but that goes to show you how iconic the line is because even I have known it my whole life. Not only is this line delivered so perfectly but it’s perhaps the all time best break up line ever to a horrible ex.

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