Gabrielle Union’s Top 3 Leading Men.

Kendall Rivers
3 min readDec 28, 2020

Three leading men who sparked best with lady Gabrielle.

Let me just start off saying that I hate all the guys who were ever lucky enough to be romantically involved with Gabrielle onscreen. But, seriously, Gabrielle Union has been a household name for over a decade and has been in everything from television series, including her own Being Mary Jane to classic comedies like Bring it On and even iconic action movies like Bad Boys 2, but where Gabrielle shines best in this writer’s opinion is romantic comedies. She’s the black equivalent to Meg Ryan as the queen of rom coms and has worked with such leading men like Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Nate Parker and Cedric The Entertainer, but for me she has never been bettered pair than with three leading men in particular:

3. LL Cool J: Deliver us From Eva.

Deliver us From Eva was a romantic comedy in 2003 starring LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union as con man Ray paid to seduce the cold, mean and opinionated Eva played by Gabrielle by her three brothers in law. The movie has become somewhat of a cult classic and that is due not just to the incredible cast as a whole and a modern day fairy tale like storyline but most importantly due to the strong chemistry between the two leads who just seemed to click onscreen and LL’s smooth nature compliments Gabrielle’s tough, sharp girl nature quite well.

2. Morris Chestnut: The Brothers, The Perfect Holiday, Being Mary Jane, and Breakin’ All Da Rules.

These two have played off each other or have at least been in the same movie together so many times, you’d think they were actually married offscreen. Besides their chemistry they even look right together, a perfectly beautiful black couple that audiences obviously love seeing together onscreen and it’s obvious that Chestnut and Union have a strong friendship offscreen. Morris and Gabrielle go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly and the fans clearly can’t get enough.

  1. Jamie Foxx: Breakin’ All Da Rules.

The 2004 romantic comedy\farce is a personal favorite of mine and for my money as odd as it might sound, I feel that Jamie Foxx is the number 1 best leading man Gabrielle has ever worked with. It helps that they had been friends and neighbors years before the movie but there’s just something perfect about their dynamic onscreen. The yin and yang, these two as actors are so diametrically opposed and that’s why it works. You have the sensible, sharp, sexy, witty and strong Union paired with the smooth talking, wild, hilariously funny good looking Foxx. Together you have something so quirky yet natural and I have never rooted for two characters to get together more than Quincy and Niki.

That’s it for now, folks! I’m sure you’ll either agree or disagree with my choices but that’s ok, because everything is subjective. I just hope you enjoyed the read and if you haven’t seen these particular films please do so asap!



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