“Bosses From Hell”: Top 10 Worst Tv Bosses.

We’ve talked about the best bosses we’d all love to work for… but now it’s time to give some love to the laughably bad bosses like the ones we regret that we actually do work for or at least hope that we’d never have to. I give you my top 10 worst tv bosses aka the best of the worst!

10. Michael Scott. The Office.

While being lovably incompetent and socially inept, Michael Scott wasn’t exactly the type of guy you wanted to have to deal with at work every day in real life. Steve Carrell managed to make Michael Scott the 21st Century’s answer to the lovably inept nimrod Anchorman Ted Baxter from The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

9. Dr. Bob Kelso. Scrubs.

Dr. Kelso never had any chill. Totally bureaucratic and forever the tight wad, Kelso was the kind of jerky, uptight hard ass every workplace needs to keep it running. The constant enemy of Dr. Perry Cox, the prickly interaction between the two always gave us huge laughs, and provided the show’s perfect tableau of good and evil. Over time, though, Bob got funnier and wackier, but remained that grouchy curmudgeon demeanor we all grew to love.

8. Cosmo Spacely. The Jetsons.

Loud, miserly and forever the bully, Cosmo Spacely was the type of boss we’d all love to kill. Poor George had to constantly live with his abuse, but what sucked for him made us all laugh repeatedly.

7. Buck Strickland. King of The Hill.

Buck Strickland was a self absorbed, boisterous, recklessly irresponsible and unrelentingly horny old drunk, yet Hank Hill idolized him, and we loved him because he never failed to make us laugh at his unbelievable antics. I don’t think you qualify for Boss of The Year when you try to set up your best employee for murder just to clear your ex wife.

6. Ava Coleman. Abbott Elementary.

Earlier this year we were introduced to a whole new type of worst tv boss, and her name is Ava Coleman, aka “Black Female Ted Baxter”. Ava is as incompetent as she is sassy; politically incorrect as she is fly; and as irresponsible as she is selfish. You know you’re the absolute wrong person for the job when you had to black mail the superintendent with the knowledge of his affair with the Deacon’s wife to get it. She’s the queen of ineptitude and may she reign for as long as she remains hilariously awful.

5. Stan Winters. Martin.

Very few people in television or even in real life are as low down, conniving, unscrupulous and down right despicable as Martin Payne’s boss (and ill advised confidante) at the WZUP radio station, Stan Winters… And we all love him for it. Garrett Morris has a way of playing the upmost unscrupulous of characters, yet makes you not only laugh so hard at them, but even love them. Martin never got in worse trouble then whenever he decided to listen to Stan’s jacked up advice. And I don’t think it gets any more hilariously awful then skipping town and leaving Martin and Shawn to deal with the mess he caused. But… Stan was just being Stan, and we can’t hate him too much for that.

4. Alan Brady. The Dick Van Dyke Show.

In the dictionary, under the word “Diva” you’ll find Alan Brady’s picture underneath. Alan Brady was loud, arrogant, abusive, and just a hilariously obnoxious jerk that the poor staff of The Alan Brady Show: Rob, Sally, Mel and Buddy were forced to endure. Carl Reiner played him to perfection. So much so, that it’s amazing that he was actually supposed to be the star of what became The Dick Van Dyke Show.

3. Dr. Gregory House. House M.D.

Not exactly your typical friendly neighborhood doctor, Dr. Gregory House was a mess of a man: Addicted to Vicodin pills, arrogant, self loathing, prickly, obnoxious, and just a total ass... And those are his most admirable points. But if you think he’s all that as a doctor, just imagine having him as your boss. Throughout eight successful seasons Dr. House threw constant hilarious abuse at anyone in sight, especially the doctors (or underlings, as he’d refer to them) he supervised. Despite his many, many, many flaws, House had his moments of “atta boys\girls”, and you have to give the guy credit because nine times out of ten he was right about everything. Also, after working for Dr. House you’d be able to handle any challenging job or boss that’s thrown your way because anything else would be literal cake.

2. C. Montgomery Burns. The Simpsons.

Cold blooded, narcissistic, malevolent and diabolical, C. Montgomery Burns is “excellent” at being a horrific boss. The town of Springfield’s richest man is also it’s greatest villain; Going off of all the reprehensible and downright diabolical things Burns has done over the years, it’s no surprise that when he got shot the cops had a whole town of suspects. Poor Smithers hitched his wagon to the wrong horse.

  1. Louie De Palma. Taxi.

This wasn’t an easy list, because all of these bosses are wonderfully awful, but ol’ Louie takes the proverbial cake as the king of nightmare bosses. Louie Depalma was a complete slime; A sleazeball; a loud and abusive monster of a boss who delighted in screaming at the cab drivers and spreading his misery around to whoever was in sight. It doesn’t get much worse than stealing from the company and then trying to convince your employee and friend to take the wrap for you, and even worse to get out of it without having to confess. But, why do we love Louie despite him having almost zero redeeming value? Because he’s so purely Louie, and we can all laugh at him as well as be thankful that we don’t have to work for him.

Thanks for reading! ’Til next time, folks.



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