Best Television Theme Songs\Opening Credits Part 2! (Top 10 this time)

We’re back with my list of what I think (and I’m sure many would agree) are the most iconic and just the most memorable and beloved television tunes Tv has had to offer over the years. Like I said before the tv theme song is seemingly dying art and that’s a real shame too because part of helps a show stand out and keeps it in our memories for years and years are the theme tunes we hear and it takes us back. Sometimes a great theme song is what makes us check out the show and can even be the best part of a show that’s not that great. Here are my top 10 choices that weren’t included last time.

10. Hogan’s Heroes.

If you ever wonder where the theme to the 90’s Saturday morning cartoon Recess came from here’s your answer. Classic theme from a classic show that’s as hilariously fun today as it was then. The theme hits the note that this is a show that’s gonna have all the fun that a Great Escapesque, World War 2 comedy should have perfectly and bonus point for Colonel Hogan himself aka Bob Crane is the one doing that killer drum solo at the start of the theme. “I know nothing! Nothing!”

9. All That ( 1994–2005)

Prepare for the tears to come running down your face as your childhood is revisited. This was All That at its peak! The best cast, the best episodes and best version of the opening credits with TLC’s iconic tune made seasons 3 and 4 the best era of this classic show!

8. Get Smart.

Parodied many times, this is a classic theme song to go with a overlooked but hilarious and witty spy show. Who doesn’t love the opening sequence of Maxwell Smart walking through what seems like never ending doors to get to the phone booth then drops out of frame?

7. Good Times.

Everybody knows the lyrics by heart. Its just as much a Black national anthem as The Jeffersons’ theme song. But at the end of the day everybody of every race knows and loves the Good Times theme song as well as the show itself. A great example of a opening credits being atmospheric in its shots around inner city Chicago showing the audience the world of the Evans family and Willona. I find myself humming or singing the lyrics in my head sometimes out of nowhere. That’s a memorable theme for you!

6. The Incredible Hulk.

The definitive Hulk theme for many Incredible Hulk fans. This iconic theme is also responsible for giving the world the immortal line “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” which has been said in two of the big screen Hulk films in 2003 and 2008.

5. Superman The Animated Series.

After the iconic John Williams score from the 1978 Superman The Movie with Christopher Reeve, this theme is right after it as far as definitive Superman music. The orchestra is on full blast and this theme screams Superman!

4. Charmed.

This theme goes hard and I and many fans of Charmed can’t imagine the show without it which is why Netflix got an earful when they out of blasphemy replaced it with a generic rock theme in streaming.

3. I Spy.

Composed by the great Earle Hagen who composed many iconic themes but he outdid himself with this masterpiece of the ultimate spy show theme. Culp and Cosby were what they called “sixties cool” and this intro is full on sixties cool with style, class and spy adventure fun! Love how Culp lights the bomb then throws it at the screen. Very nice touch.

2. Miami Vice.

Much like the show itself this theme screams the 1980’s. The shots of 1980’s Miami are brilliant and the music composed by Jan Hammer has become iconic and memorable. This intro may even be a descendant of the classic Hawaii Five-O opening titles, stylistically they’re similar and just as atmospheric of their locations.

  1. The Munsters.

So much going on musically with various instruments being used yet it all comes together beautifully creating one of the greatest theme songs ever composed. The opening of meeting The Munsters as they leave the mansion is much beloved and has been imitated ad nausem in various tv shows and movies.

Honorable mentions:

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer.

So perfectly Noirish and stylish this intro of the first iteration of Stacy Keach’s Mike Hammer series is one for the private dick show genre.

The Andy Griffith Show.

Who would ever think that an intro where you just have some guy whistling a tune while a father and son walk through the woods to go fishing would become so iconic? But it very much is and always will be!

Family Matters.

Am I the only one who is on the verge of tears when I watch and hear this? Something so beautifully nostalgic for me every time I see this. I have always preferred the extended variation in this intro which the show dropped after this season.

Who’s The Boss.

The same as Family Matters I always am on the verge of tears with nostalgic joy. When I think of Who’s The Boss sometimes this is the intro I remember most.

Full House.

And this would be the third theme to bring those nostalgic tears. Coincidentally sung by the same guy who sung the Family Matters theme.

Mission Impossible:

For most of you, you probably remember the movies by Tom Cruise but this is where it all started with the 1966–1973 series that was ahead of its time and became a true gem of a television series with its innovative, unique and intelligent form of espionage has been taken and “borrowed” from since it came out. One of the greatest and most distinctive themes ever!

Spenser for Hire season 1.

All three Spenser themes are something to behold but the first season’s version is closest to my heart and personally says with this version of the music that THIS is Spenser better than the other two. Once again we have a perfectly atmospheric opening credits that just shows off Boston in all its glory almost as perfectly as Miami Vice and Good Times.

Facts of Life season 7.

Without a doubt the best and most memorable version of the Facts of Life theme. Love how it shows how much all the girls grew and it’s even got George Clooney who is still the man after all these years.

What’s Happening.

The fun and quirky theme for classic 70’s show What’s Happening is often overlooked but is one of the most pleasant to listen to and perfectly nostalgic even for someone who wasn’t born back then like me.

Last but not least: Roc seasons 1 and 2.

I’m also a fan of the later En Vogue theme in the final season but this version has a power and soul that so perfectly illustrates everything that’s Roc. I don’t think that even if we still had tv theme songs they would even have one like this one with a more old school gospel\acapella\soul blend to it. Much too unique for television.

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of the best television theme songs list! God bless!



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