A Tribute of Betty White: A True Legend And Everyone’s Favorite Grandmother.

Kendall Rivers
3 min readJan 17, 2022
Betty White.

She was given to us on January 17th 1922 and taken from us on December 31st 2021. On this day of her birth I felt it prudent to honor the legacy of this icon who I and everyone else has grown up loving and laughing with forever. I remember when I discovered The Golden Girls as a 10 year old boy and somehow fell in love with those four women and wish that I could visit them and hang out with them like four cool aunties or grandmothers. Betty as Rose Nylund was that rae of sunshine that brightened the show and our lives up.

Everybody Loves Betty.

Who didn’t love Betty White? While she of course was a human being with her own faults and flaws and all, she was mostly someone with such a great wit, charm, fun as well as just plain bawdy sense of humor and a big heart. The woman was just plain entertaining as a person never mind as an entertainer:

Sue Ann Nivens:

As Sue Ann Betty made the sex crazed and bitingly witty happy homemaker a character for the ages. Only Betty White could make such a… (In Betty’s own words) rotten, bitchy character not only very funny but even lovable.

Ellen Harper- Jackson:

Rose Nylund:



A Trailblazer.

Betty White, Arthur Duncan and Steve Harvey.

Betty has always been a strong one with a big heart and smile. Don’t ever forget that back during the days of her 1950’s variety show The Betty White Show Betty fought for and stood up for black tap dancer Arthur Duncan to perform on the show despite the nasty letters and threats from local stations. Mr. Duncan went on to do 20 years on The Lawrence Welk Show and had it not been for Betty he never would’ve had the career he had. Talk about a true trailblazer.

It would be impossible for me to be able to talk about everything Betty has ever done because then we’d be here for a year, but, I want to end this by stating that while Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore and a few others get most of the (very well deserved) credit for being such pioneers for women in comedy, Betty we can say paved the way for them all as she was not only the first woman to ever have her own sitcom, but also started a television production company called Bandy Productions with George Tibbles and Don Fedderson.

A true “Golden Girl” in spirit, charm and wit. There was never another Betty White before and there will certainly never be another one now or in the future. There can only be one, as the saying goes and we were all so lucky to have grown up with Betty.

Betty, thank you for being a friend. Happy 100th! Now, make ’em all fall on the clouds laughing up there.



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