50 Greatest Tv Moms Of All Time.

Kendall Rivers
3 min readMay 16, 2024
Carolyn Jones as Morticia Addams-Image Source: Filmways Television.

We’ve gone into the top 50 greatest tv dads. Now it’s time to give due to 50 of the greatest and most motherly tv moms. These ladies all brought something to their roles that made us all want to call them “Mom”.

50. Mother Jefferson. The Jeffersons.

49. Carla Tortelli. Cheers.

48. Debra Barone. Everybody Loves Raymond.

47. Maya Brooks. Girlfriends.

46. Rainbow Johnson. Blackish.

45. Laura Petrie. The Dick Van Dyke Show.

44. Mama Payne. Martin.

43. Sylvia Fine. The Nanny.

42. Neesee James. All of Us.

41. Wanda Mack. The Bernie Mac Show.

40. Cookie Lyon. Empire.

39. Jill Taylor. Home Improvement.

38. Carol Brady. The Brady Bunch.

37. Gloria Pritchett. Modern Family.

36. Peggy Hill. King of The Hill.

35. Olivia Walton. The Waltons.

34. Rochelle Rock. Everybody Hates Chris.

33. Thelma Harper. Mama’s Family.

32. Peggy Bundy. Married…with Children.



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