50 Greatest Tv Dads of All Time.

Kendall Rivers
3 min readMay 14, 2024
Carl Winslow and his two daughters-Image Source: Miller\Boyett Productions.

The last time I did the top tv dads I narrowed it down to ten. Now it’s time to expand the list a bit and list the top 50 of tv’s most dynamic dads. Whether they were picture perfect or delightfully flawed, what all these dads had in common were both strengths and weaknesses and quirks and flaws that made them enjoyable to watch and the type of dads we either wish we had or felt like we already had\have.

50. Jack Bauer. 24.

49. Henry Spencer. Psych.

48. Andy Sipowicz. NYPD Blue.

47. John “Pops” Williams. The Wayans Bros.

46. Joseph “Rocky” Rockford. The Rockford Files.

45. Jim. According To Jim.

44. Victor Baxter. That’s So Raven.

43. Lester Jenkins. 227.

42. Robert James. All of Us.

41. Flex Washington. One on One.

40. Fred Flintstone. The Flintstones.

39. Fred G. Sanford. Sanford and Son.

38. Hank Hill. King of The Hill.

37. Hal Wilkerson. Malcom In The Middle.

36. Mike Baxter. Last Man Standing.

35. George Jefferson. The Jeffersons.



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